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Whether you're looking to hire an experienced drilling company with a wide selection of rigs at the ready or looking to be hired by a stable company that cares about safety and pays the going rate, your search is over.

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At Tempco Drilling we know the best path to productivity and profitability is with a thoroughly trained, safety-conscious workforce that is committed to the company and it's corporate objectives. We take great pride in being able to offer a range of drilling rigs staffed with seasoned extraction professionals who know how to get it done and get it done right. Our Mission Statement encapsulates our commitment to our clients and our crews.

Our Mission Statement

Tempco Drilling Company Inc. is committed to protecting against any accidental loss resources, employees and physical assets. Our primary mandate is to develop and maintain a safe work environment for all personnel on the work site. Providing a safe work environment is accomplished by developing a "Safety First" work philosophy and corporate culture.

We acknowledge that active participation by management, supervisors, and all employees is crucial in the prevention of accidents. This is considered a high priority in our operations, as there is a direct relationship between the degree of involvement in safety and the frequency and severity of accidents. We care about safety in all aspects of our business; and with the dedicated involvement our our employees, we will succeed in the implementation and successful execution of this safety program.

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